General description of production lines (existing units)

Khorasan Steel Company is made up of 16 different units, including 4 direct reduction units, smelting, casting and rolling as the main and peripheral and support units.

Car dumper unit

Iron ore pellets arrive at the car dumper unit with the capacity of 900 ton / hour (18 cars / hour) on the internal railroad network of Khorasan Steel Company and are carried to the raw materials stacking and reclaiming unit on conveyor belts.

Raw materials stacking / reclaiming unit

  The pellets sent from the car dumper unit are stacked by the stacker with the capacity of 800 ton per hour and reclaimed by the reclaimer unit with the capacity of 550 ton/hour and sent to the day bin tanks on conveyor belts.


Direct reduction units (1 and 2):

Iron oxide pellets carried from the daily bins are reduced in the Midrex method in direct reduction furnace in the presence of the reducing gases (CO and H2) in the temperature of 760 degrees centigrade where it loses oxygen and the sponge iron thus produced is carried to product bin silos with the capacity of 7000 ton.
The natural gas is cracked in the reformer unit in 1100 degrees centigrade after it has crossed over 468 catalyst-filled tubes before it
 is blown into the direct reduction unit.

Cold briquetting unit:

Fine grained sponge iron produced in the direct reduction unit is pressed into transportable briquettes to charge into the steel making plant.

Steel making area

Scrap unit:

The scraps are sorted on the basis of their special gravity and degree of purity, and then stored in their allocated pools. The scrap load is then carried to the scrap carrying buckets on three overhead shop cranes. The scrap load is then carried to the smelting unit for consumed in the smelting purposes.

Raw materials transportation unit

This system has been set up for the preparation and faster transportation of the raw materials and additives to the smelting furnace using the mechanical means and conveyor belts. All of these operations are carried out automatically.

Melting unit:

Sponge iron stored in silos and scraps transported on scrap truck are charged into the 110 ton electric arc furnace
Where they are molten in a transformer-produced current of 120 MWA where it is added with additives to develop desired properties. This unit produces 650,000 ton liquid steel from 770,000 ton sponge iron and … ton scrap. The liquid steel has its heat factors and technical properties adjusted in the EAF after it has been carried to the ladle furnace before it is transferred to the turret by overhead shop cranes where it is prepared to undergo casting.”

Continuous casting unit

Liquid steel ready for casting is molded into 6 standard billets 130x130 mm, 150x150 and 180x180 mm in diameters and various lengths. The production capacity of this unit is 630,000 ton steel billets.

Deduster unit

The dust resulting from the operations in the electric furnace and ladle furnace are directed to this unit for filtering the fumes and dust particles. Given the diversity of the equipment installed in this unit, the dust thus produced is barred from spreading into the surrounding areas.

Hot rolling area

Rolling mill

Billets produced in the casting unit is transformed into steel products in the casting unit after they have been charged into the preheating furnace up to the preheating temperature, going through 20 rolling stands, installed both horizontally and vertically in the same direction. Among the main features of this area is the deployment of the most advanced technologies that facilitate production in the shortest time possible. This unit enjoys the quick quenching line and quenching bed, straightening line, packaging, counting and weighing lines.
The production capacity of this unit is 550,000 tons of all light structural profiles, including plain and ribbed rebars, angles, channels, belts and profiles with 4 and 6 sides that are packaged and sent to the market after they have been tested and quality controlled according to the standards.
At present, this unit is operating with the capacity of 640,000 ton per year.

support units

Water treatment units

Water consumed by the rolling, steel making, and direct reduction units enter the water treatment facilities for cooling, degreasing, separating solid particles, and returns to the production cycle. This reduces the water consumption and prevents damages to the equipment.

Oxygen and compressed air plants

Oxygen plant has been constructed for the provision of oxygen needed by smelting and rolling areas. Its capacity is 4700 cubic meters per hour, including 400 cubic meters used for cutting purposes. Also nitrogen is extracted for use in the smelting unit. This unit is also in charge of providing nitrogen to the smelting unit and compressed air and instrumentation needed for industrial and cleaning purposes in various departments.

Natural gas pressure reduction station

This unit reduces the pressure of the gas arriving the site from 63 bar to 12 bar. The output goes to the direct reduction plant, steel making plant, rolling mill, and other production and service facilities. The capacity of this unit amounts to 120,000 cubic normal meter

400-KV power station

This unit converts the 400 KW power to 33 KVA for distribution among production units. The capacity of this unit amounts to 200 MW.

Hygienic wastewater treatment

Wastewater transfer network constructed across the site is responsible for the collection and transfer of wastewater in a hygienic way. The biological wastewater treatment system has been constructed to operate on an anaerobic basis where wastewater is treated after it has been collected in lagoons. The output is used for irrigating the greenery.

Telecommunications unit

The telecommunications department of the company operates a 256-number call center with 60 communication channels, telex, fax, and wireless, data, and wireless systems throughout the complex. The total length of this system amounts to 30 kilometers.

Khorasan Steel Railway network

The Railway network is responsible for the transfer of raw materials (concentrate, pellets, etc.) from a private railway station located on Tehran Mashhad railway (constructed in collaboration with Khorasan Steel Company and Islamic Republic of Iran Railway company and a length of 18 kilometers side track to the internal railway station leading to the car-dumper unit. Total railroad length constructed by Khorasan Steel Company amounts to 30 kilometers.

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