Expansion projects under construction and study

  • Steel making plant, module 2
    Because of the infrastructural facilities at hand, and the need of the market for the steel billets, the construction of the second steel making plant is underway including a continuous casting machine (CCM) and a ladle furnace (LF), and an electric arc furnace. Simultaneous to this project an oxygen plant and a 400 KV power station are also underway.
  • Pelletizing plant
    In order to supplement the modules 1 and 2 of the direct reduction plant, the construction of a Lurgi-method-based pelletizing plant is underway with the capacity of 5.2 million ton next to the direct reduction plants.
  • Iron ore enrichment plant
    Economic and technical studies are underway to construct an iron ore enrichment plant in order to produce the concentrate needed by the pelletizing plant with the capacity of 5.2 million ton per year.

Existing infrastructures and expansion projects

  • Water
    At present, water needed by Khorasan Steel Company is supplied from three wells with the flow rate of 100 liter per hour. And under a contract made with Khorasan Regional Water Company, 5 million cubic meter of water has been allocated to Khorasan Steel Company from Bar Dam, which is now under construction.
  • Electric power
    The 240 MW electric power needed by the existing plants and expansion projects underway is purchased from Khorasan Electric Power Company.
  • Natural gas
    A natural gas provision contract has been made with Khorasan Razavi Province for the procurement of 100,000 normal cubic meters of natural gas per hour as needed by Khorasan Steel Company. Another contract has also been made with Khorasan Razavi Natural gas Company for the increasing of the flow rate capacity of the station from 50,000 cubic meters per hour to 100,000 cubic meters per hour, which is now in progress.
  • Rail transportation
    In order to link the company with the nationwide railway network, a private railway station (between the towns of Neishabour and Attar) has been constructed, and construction of the base and pavement of 31 kilometers of railways inside and outside the Khorasan Steel Company's site has been completed.
  • road
    About 15 kilometers road construction has been executed in order to facilitate transportation to and from Khorasan Steel Complex.

There are visits by CEOd and top managers of the company inside the complex using special buses three days a week that cover all production lines and support units. This is to ensure that all these standards and 5S principles of organizational orderliness are complied with.  


  • Highlights of actions taken in compliance with thestandards
    • Setting up the automatic fire-fighting system
    • Setting up the fire department, relieve and rescue system equipped with special fire extinguishing vehicles
    • Construction of buildings for the employee showers and lockers
    • Setting up the healthcare emergency department equipped with ambulance cars
    • It is noteworthy that the documents of the three said standards have been provided within the integrated management system (IMS) and is monitored in internal and external audits.
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